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Master Classes

Fostering Tomorrow’s Talent – Master Class Educational Programming

As part of its overall mission, Cabaret 313 has established- a goal to foster the growth of the cabaret art form through educational programming and master classes with the artists it presents. Since 2014, the institution has collaborated with Wayne State University’s Department of Music, University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance and Detroit’s Mosaic Youth Theatre to present influential and life-changing sessions. Cabaret 313’s 2019-20 season will feature four master classes: Joshua Henry, Sierra Boggess, Christine Andreas, and Norm Lewis will all perform with Mosaic Youth Theatre.

2019-20 Master Class Educational Programming Sponsors in Collaboration with Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit

Nancy Bechek Bluth & Larry Bluth

Ali Moiin & William Kupsky

Myrna & Spencer Partrich

Mary Kramer & William Volz

Student Testimonies

“This Alexandra Silber master class was a great experience for me because it gave me a more in depth explanation of music and its power. During the session we were taught that each song has a different message and each person has a different way of telling it. Therefore you must make the song your own and put yourself in the writer’s shoes in order to fully understand the purpose of the song. The class also taught me that music has the power to inspire and change lives. That every song has a backstory and there’s a reason that the song was written.”

- Kristianna, 9th Grade

“Hello, my name is Naomi and a few months ago I was able to attend Alexandra Silber’s musical masterclass as a participant of Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit. I personally have a passion for musical theater and hope to one day pursue it as a career. Before this class, I saw musical theater as something fun that could ever so often make you feel something but it never truly carried any emotional weight, at least for me. Seeing my peers perform their hearts out while being coached on how to connect with the pieces they choose was an eye-opener, at one point I was almost moved to tears because of how powerful their performances were. Thanks to Miss Silber I now see musical theater as more than just something fun that could at times tug at the heart strings, now I see it for it has the potential to be when I put my all into it.”

- Naomi, 11th Grade

“Attending the Cabaret 313 Masterclass taught by Alexandra Silber was a life-changing experience for me as a performing artist. Although I didn’t perform, I was still challenged to think critically about the selections the other young artists performed. This Masterclass gave me a tremendous amount of theatrical technique that I could see myself actually implementing into my own musical selections, in addition to helping other individuals use those techniques as well. Following the Masterclass, I reflected on the experience and ultimately realized as a performer, the thing that matters most is engaging my audience and telling a story. The story should be conveyed in a way that will not only keep your audience engaged, but also impact them in a way where they feel capable of accomplishing anything they put their mind to. I would be highly interested in attending another Masterclass and implementing the skills that I have retained from such a knowledgeable professional along with my training that I am currently receiving at Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.”

- Emerson, 8th Grade


Letter of Recommendation from Dave Devereaux, Executive Producer for WTVS Detroit Public Television

Dear Sir or Madam,

As Executive Producer of “Detroit Performs,” a weekly arts series on WTVS Detroit Public Television, I’m pleased to recommend Cabaret 313 and its series of master classes with young artists. In May of 2018, we produced a TV segment following Broadway star Alexandra Silber as she gave a master class with singers and actors from Detroit’s Mosaic Youth Theatre. What you see in the eight-minute video is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Ms. Silber encourages them to be “brave enough to be vulnerable” and their performances are truly moving. Documenting this type of mentorship and collaboration is a key mission for “Detroit Performs” and we’re grateful to Cabaret 313 for making it happen. As people are able to watch this video online, this story lives on to inspire others and, I believe, helps change the narrative about Detroit as it showcases the amazing talents of our city’s young artists. On a personal level as an amateur musician, I’ve attended many of these master classes and have always learned something new. I’m a stronger performer today thanks to Cabaret 313. I hope that you will support Cabaret 313 and its ongoing work to connect successful professionals with rising stars.


David Devereaux

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